Graphic Reflection Essay


Purpose of Graphics Collection

         While collecting graphics I simply chose pictures that didnÕt include my students since I didnÕt want to be responsible for posting pictures of my students even though I have publicity permits for my students, I was a little worried about putting pictures of my students on the website.  I ended up choosing a picture of my cat when we first got her from the pound.  This picture was fun to edit and manipulate using iPhoto.  I also modified a picture of two of my students, however, I didnÕt upload it to the website.  I created hybrid notes using pictures, print, and drawing on Notability.  Notability makes it possible to include pictures, draw on the pictures, and type or write notes.


Audience for Graphics Collection

         The audience for my graphics collection is my middle school advisory class.  The students range in age from 11 to 14.  The hybrid notes created in Notability are specific to my 6th and 7th grade math students.  My 6th and 7th grade math students come from a variety of ethnicities and backgrounds.  Some of my students are advanced in mathematics and many are below grade level.  In an effort to improve their retention of what is taught I am having them create daily notes on Notability.  They are to include pictures, drawings, and notes.  This experience of editing graphics and drawing will be most useful for my math classes.  It will also be useful for assisting other educators with the many uses of photo editing and the Notability application.



         I opened up my photo library in iPhoto and chose a picture that would be appropriate to display on my webpage.  I then made four duplicates of this picture using the duplicating feature.  The first one I shrunk to 640 x 480.  Then I saved it as my original on the images folder in my TDT1 folder.  Then I cropped the next photo so that only SiriÕs face was showing, shrunk it to 640 x 480 and saved it to my images folder as cropped.  Finally I adjusted the colors on the third photograph to sepia tones and saved it as edited.  I also edited a picture of two of my students that was taken at an angle.  I used the iPhoto features to straighten the photo, erase blemishes, reduce red-eye, played with the colors, and saved each variation as its own picture. 

         I opened my camera application on my iPad, copied a picture of notes, then opened my Notability app and created a new note.  I pasted the picture of the notes onto my new note.  Drew an example of a line graph and played around with the colors and made some flowers since doodling is an important part of my note taking process.  I then e-mailed these notes to myself so that I could upload them to my website.